Current PT, PTA, OT, OTA, SLP, MD, DO, DPM, PA, NP, or RN license.

Certified Lymphedema & Wound Therapist (CLWT®) - CERTIFICATION NOW AVAILABLE via Live Teletraining

56+ hrs On-line Pre-Course Work + 90 hours Remote or On-site "Live" Training, 153 CE hrs Total!

Certified Lymphedema & Wound Therapist (CLWT®) is divided into three segments: Certified Wound Therapist, Modern MLD Certification, and STRIDE Certified Compression Specialist courses.

It is a medical education program to prepare you to effectively provide medical services in the field of lymphedema management and wound care. CLWT prepares you with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to effectively treat chronic wounds and chronic edema. It includes comprehensive certification in Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), custom, Multi-Layered Lymphedema Bandaging (MLLB), garment selection and fitting, and skin and wound care. The course is practicum based and clinically focused, utilizing an integrative, rehab approach to the multi-factorial and interdisciplinary management of patients. Delivered in our hybrid format, it combines ~56 hours of on-line pre-coursework, completed at your own pace, with 90hrs of hands-on practicum training and workshops via your choice of On-site or Teletraining formats. Digital course books, clinical tools, bandaging supplies, debridement & wound care workshop supplies, and a generous variety of sample products are included. No other certification course on the market offers such breadth of hands-on workshops, coupled with robust didactic learning, making this certification one of the most informative and fun to attend!


Full Certification. No travel Required! Save thousands of dollars in travel expenses and lost time from work!


More Course Info

Our Modern MLD Certification section of the CLWT® training was developed by LANA Certified Lymphedema Therapists with a broad background in traditional approaches. ILWTI has progressed these traditional paradigms, integrating new evidence-based research and findings from ICG fluoroscopy of live lymphatics, to create the new Lymphatic & Integumentary Rehabilitation (LIR™) approach. Our Modern MLD is simple and adaptable to any type of edema and utilizes new, published lymphosomal pathways.

ILWTI has also developed a new approach to edema assessment and compression garment selection, the S.T.R.I.D.E.™ approach, which was recently published as a 40pg Supplement to Journal of Wound Care, in 2019.  ILWTI's S.T.R.I.D.E.™ Certified Compression Specialist (CCS™) section of the CLWT® course provides you with robust compression training where you learn how to perform a bedside ABI and master customized, full-limb, multi-layered bandaging systems that will not slip down, aggressively soften fibrotic tissue, and can stay in place for several days at a time. We have also expanded decongestive compression options by including hands-on training with edema reducing garments that are effective for even the most advanced, Stage 3 lymphedema with massive localized lobules.

The Certified Wound Therapist section of the CLWT® course includes comprehensive training in the assessment and treatment of the lymphatic-integumentary system. Phlebolymphedema is the number one cause of leg lymphedema. Are you prepared to provide comprehensive treatment, including management of venous leg ulcers (VLUs)? This course will show you how to differentiate and treat VLUs, arterial ulcers, pressure injuries, neuropathic foot ulcers, atypical ulcers, burns, moisture associated skin damage, and other integumentary issues. Extensive workshops enable you to get hands-on practice with integration of skin care, MLD, and lymph-integument rehab. Includes basic skills, such as wound cleansing, dressing selection and application, sharp debridement, negative pressure wound therapy, and more. Learn how to utilize a variety of bandaging systems for the continuum of lymphedema, including hands-on training in the application of 2-layer compression systems. All supplies are provided and you will also leave with a goodie bag of wound dressing samples.

Speakers/Authors: This course was developed by ILWTI Executive Director of Education, Robyn Bjork, in conjunction with ILWTI Director of MLD Education, Marijke Carson, ILWTI Director of Wound Education, Heather Hettrick, and ILWTI Director of Compression Education, Suzie Ehmann. The course is taught by qualified ILWTI Instructors. Please go to "INSTRUCTORS" page to access credentials and bios.



• This course is approved for 147.25 contact hours through the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy and 147 CCUs through ProCert.

• This course is approved by the Florida Physical Therapy Association for 153 continuing education contact hours. FL CE Provider # 50-14572; 2019 FPTA Approval #: CE19-601647. Accreditation of this course does not necessarily imply the FPTA supports the views of the presenter or the sponsors.

• This activity is provided by the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners Accredited Provider #2102044TX and meets continuing competence requirements for physical therapist and physical therapist assistant licensure renewal in Texas.

• This course is approved for 153 contact hours/15.3 CEUs through the American Occupational Therapy Association. ILWTI is an approved Provider. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA.

• This course is approved by the Florida Occupational Therapy Association for 183.6 continuing education contact hours (CE Broker Course Tracking # 20-601647).

• This course is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing for 153 continuing education hours (CE Broker Course Tracking # 20-601647). Certificate must be retained for at least four years; do not forward to the Board of Nursing.

• Note: This course encompasses over 56 hours of on-line didactic training, plus 90hrs of interactive hands-on training for lymphedema management and includes all content required by the Lymphology Association of North America for lymphedema certification. On-site hours are currently accepted by LANA. Teletraining hours are currently being considered by LANA and a determination is expected by late Summer 2021.

Educational Level & Who Should Attend

Licensed medical professionals who treat patients with edema, lymphedema, and/or chronic wounds will benefit most from this activity. This course is useful and pertinent for geriatric health care, home health care, short-term and long-term care, treatment in wound or lymphedema centers, rehab departments or hospitals, and other applicable practice settings.

Best suited for licensed Physical & Occupational Therapists and Assistants who manage patients with edema/lymphedema and integumentary impairments.

Current PT, PTA, OT, OTA, SLP, MD, DO, DPM, PA, NP, or RN license.

Educational Format

On-line training includes reading, videos, and PPT slides.

On-site or Teletraining courses include lectures, hands-on workshops, group activities and practicums. Digital ILWTI course books, wound care lab supplies, full arm/leg bandaging supplies, and selection of wound dressings samples are included. Supplies are shipped to your shipping address on file for Teletraining courses. 

update Aug 2020: Notice for students outside of the USA. Supplies are shipped from the USA. Some limitations apply due to COVID-19 disruption. Additional charges may apply if shipping exceeds $150 (you will be notified prior to shipping). 

Our instructor to student ratio is 1:15 during labs to ensure you receive individualized, hands-on training. 

62.5 hrs of On-line pre-course work is completed at your own pace prior to live, On-site or Teletraining sessions. An 8-week lead time is recommended, although this varies depending on your prior education and experience in the content areas.

The ON-SITE, live 9 Day CLWT course satisfies the 135hrs of training required by the Lymphology Association of North America to apply to sit for the CLT-LANA exam.

Completion Requirements

Completion of all on-line pre-coursework and a cumulative score of 70% or higher on all quizzes are required. Attendance of entire live course and participation in all hands-on labs and workshops are required.  A passing grade on all final practicums is required for Certification, and a score of 80% or higher on the Final Exam.

*Should you have special needs requests to successfully complete your training, please contact us.


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