CLWT Associate 9-Day

This course format option includes 62.5 hours of on-line pre-course work, followed by 9-Days of live practicum training and workshops, running from 8am-8pm (daily times vary). This option is geared for ancillary health professionals, industry representatives, or others that would like to audit the training for educational enrichment but it is not within their scope of practice to evaluate and treat patients, or execute certain skills learned in this course. The Associate will be encouraged to observe and actively participate in all workshops. The Associate is required to complete all on-line training, take all quizzes, and attend the duration of the live training, but is not required to pass final exams or demonstrate proficiency in practicum testing. After completing the course, the Associate will not be an ILWTI Board Certified Lymphedema & Wound Therapist, but will receive a Certificate of Attendance recognizing attendance of the course and their commitment to elevating the care of individuals with edema, lymphedema and wounds.