Certified Compression Specialist - Accredited Certification Course! (32 CE hrs)

(4days, 32 CE hrs, 8am-5pm)

Take your practice to the next level through Full Certification in Compression therapy. Show your competency; earn the title of "Certified Compression Specialist"! Gain keen understanding of engineering and construction of compression garments to choose the best kind for different types of edemas, every time.  Course includes ample hands-on workshops, sample bandaging supplies to take home, and valuable clinical resources including the Compression Garment Selection Guide, using the S.T.R.I.D.E. system! 

Improve Patient Care! Learn to apply No-Slip, full leg Multi-Layered Bandaging Systems that Aggressively Soften Fibrotic Tissue, and comfortably stay in place as edema reduces. Expand your toolbox of Decongestive Garment options, even for Stage 3 Lymphedema with Lobes.

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Applicable to Certified Lymphedema and Wound Therapist & Certified Wound Therapist course offerings.

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