(1 Day, 7.25 CE hrs, 9am – 4pm + 1 hour exam)

CE Provider: ILWTI

“Wound Care Investigation: The Case of the Stalled Wound”

Course & Networking Luncheon Sponsored by SIGVARIS

By utilizing investigative techniques used in solving crimes, attendees of this class will learn how to break down relevant factors that have caused a chronic or stalled wound. This course is designed to certify attendees in understanding wounds etiology, wound healing progression, determining the barriers to healing utilizing the TIME(s) method, selecting appropriate treatment to assist in chronic wound healing for patients with most types of wounds (deep surgical wounds are not addressed). This course will also help attendees to determine when it is appropriate and necessary to refer a patient to a Wound Care Specialty Center. Attendees will learn the normal healing process and the barriers to those processes that can be positively affected by specific types of primary dressings, treatment methods, biologics and compression. Through workshops and hands-on activities, attendees will learn how to properly measure and document wounds, perform and document ongoing care, and through Case Study activities learn how to determine proper plans of care to assist the patient’s body in healing itself.



By the end of this course the learner will be able to:

1. Distinguish three types of common wounds based on causal factors in the wound history.

2. Identify four stages of normal wound healing.

3. Correctly measure a simulated wound using the clock method.

4. List what each letter of the TIME(s) acronym stands for.

5. Evaluate barriers to wound healing in a patient case scenario, using the TIME(s) method.

6. Using the TIME(s) method, choose the proper type of primary dressing to optimize healing of a chronic wound in a patient case scenario.


Intermediate (attendees should have basic anatomy and physiology knowledge to fully understand topic)


Best suited for licensed health care providers and support staff such as *physician/nursing staff (MD, DO, NP, PA, RN), therapy staff (OT, COTA, PT, PTA), front line health care workers (MA, CMA, CNA), Military medics and other allied health care professionals such as orthotists, prosthetists and case managers in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Long Term Care Facilities and Continuum of Care Facilities.

*see accreditations for specifics related to CEU and CME




*This course is approved for 4 CCUs through the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

*This activity is provided by the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners Accredited Provider #2102044TX and meets continuing competence requirements for physical therapist and physical therapist assistant licensure renewal in Texas.

*This course is approved by the Florida Physical Therapy Association for 7 continuing education contact hours. FL CE Provider # 50-14572; 2019 FPTA Approval #: CE19-642709. Accreditation of this course does not necessarily imply the FPTA supports the views of the presenter or the sponsors.

*This course is approved by the Louisiana Board of Physical Therapy for 7 credit hours.

*This course is approved for 7.25 contact hours/0.725 CEUs through the American Occupational Therapy Association. ILWTI is an AOTA Approved Provider (#9200). The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA. AOTA Classification Codes: Category 2, OT Process - Evaluation, Intervention.

*This course is approved by the Florida Occupational Therapy Association for 7.5 continuing education contact hours (CE Broker Course Tracking # 20-642709).

*This course is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing for 6.5 continuing education hours (CE Broker Course Tracking # 20-642709). Certificate must be retained for at least four years; do not forward to the Board of Nursing.

*This program has been approved for up to 6.25 Scientific Credits and 1 Exam Credit through the American Board for Certification (ABC). Full participation in this program is required to be eligible for the full amount of credits.

*This course has been approved by the Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) for 8 Scientific CEUs.



This live educational course includes PPT presentations, course workbook, and hands on activities. Attendees must attend full course to receive credit. Credit will not be given for partial day’s attendance. Attendee must pass a post-course exam at 80% or higher score to receive Certificate of Completion.

*Should you have special needs requests to successfully complete your training, please contact us.


This course is sponsored by SIGVARIS, Inc., manufacturer of compression garments. Compression therapy products manufactured by SIGVARIS are used in this course’s labs. This course was developed by Robyn “Redd” Smith COTA/L, CLWT, CLT, under the direction of ILWTI Executive Director of Education, and is accredited for CEUs through the International Lymphedema and Wound Training Institute (ILWTI). Smith is a lymphedema and wound specialist and full-time employee of SIGVARIS, Inc. as Clinical Education Liaison.


ROBYN “REDD” SMITH, M.Ed., COTA/L, CLWT, CLT, LASH-FKT is an Occupational Therapy practitioner, Lymphedema & Wound Therapist and owner of Life Rehabilitation, LC, a private lymphedema and wound care practice specializing in medically-complex patients, located in Salt Lake City, Utah where she is known to medical professionals and patients alike as “Redd Robyn”. As an educator teaching at University/College in Anatomy/Physiology, Pathophysiology, Medical Terminology and Occupational therapy, Redd brings over 40 years of teaching skill and experience to her students. She has also taught in Community Education, Continuing Education and Early College Entrance High Schools, and as a licensed educator developed the Occupational Therapy Pathway curriculum for the Utah State Office of Education to be taught in the Early College Entrance High Schools. Developing innovative Corporate training programs in the health care and Health Informatics arena is another area of Redd’s expertise.

Redd has authored many articles in both national and international publications, has edited textbooks in Occupational Therapy and is currently co-authoring a series of practical training texts and videos on Venous/Lymphatic treatments. She is a frequent speaker at regional and national medical conferences sharing her unique experiences in Lymphedema Care and education. Redd is a proud member of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC), American Venous Forum (AVF), American Vein and Lymphatics Society (AVLS) and is an active member of the Lymphedema Advocacy Group speaking to Congress on the clinical aspects of the Lymphedema Treatment Act. Redd is the Clinical Education Liaison for SIGVARIS North America, offering clinical direction, consulting on complex patients, developing new products and designing and teaching innovative classes for Health Care Professionals throughout the world. 

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