Robyn Smith

Robyn “Redd” Smith, M.Ed., COTA/L, CLT, CLWT is an Instructor for ILWTI and Vice President of ILWTI Medical Missions, Inc. Board of Directors and is the Director of Volunteer Services for ILWTI Medical Missions. Redd first came to work with Lymphedema patients while in Ukraine treating and teaching on a humanitarian mission with 10 other Occupational Therapy practitioners. One particular patient with severe lymphedema served as the catalyst for Redd to decide to specialize in Lymphedema Management. She was impressed after seeing how changes could be seen after only minimal treatment in a patient who had not walked for years and was at risk of losing her leg; Redd came back to the states to her teaching positions and clinic work and set out to learn as much about Lymphedema (and the management of its symptoms) as possible. After earning her Certified Lymphedema Therapist credentials and years of teaching experience it was only natural that she became a certified instructor allowing her to share the life-changing Complete Decongestive Therapy protocol with others. Redd is former Adjunct Faculty at Salt Lake Community College, an educator at Chernivtsi National University (Ukraine), and Early College Entrance High Schools as well as developing career pathways as the Health Sciences High School Liaison via the State Office of Education to guide exceptional students on their path to becoming Health Care Practitioners. Utilizing funds from a Perkins Grant, she has designed and implemented curriculum for an innovative new pilot program in Occupational Therapy designed to allow students to complete all college prerequisites for Health Sciences programs while still in high school;  she manages an Outpatient Lymphedema & Wound Care Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah and, after now retiring from teaching, spends one week out of every month at the Haiti clinic, living her lifelong dream of humanitarian work. Redd shows her passion for her patients across the world by lecturing at various venues about the joys of Medical Humanitarian work, bringing new volunteers to ILWTI-MM. Redd received an AAS from Salt Lake Community College, a BS from Weber State University and her M.Ed from Western Governors University and has published articles in Occupational Therapy journals on the topics of education and global health care.

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