Practical Wound Care for Lymphedema Management

(1 Day, 8 CE hrs, 8am-5pm)

This one-day course provides practical skin and wound management tips for common integumentary issues encountered by lymphedema therapists. Course includes differential diagnosis of lower extremity wounds, wound classifications, and how to choose the right type of dressing. Special attention is given to the practical care of intertriginous dermatitis, moisture associated skin damage, cellulitis, lymphorrhea, radiation burns, and more. Hands-on workshops include how to perform wound care and how to apply negative pressure wound therapy.

Course Schedule / Outline

Educational Level

Advanced Education. Specialized training for licensed health care professionals.

Who Should Attend

Best suited for licensed healthcare providers who are Certified Lymphedema Therapists or working with patients with lymphedema and wounds.


PT, PTA, OT, COTA, MD, DO, DPM, PA, NP, or RN license