Janet Wolfson

Janet Wolfson, PT, CWS, CLT-LANA graduated from PT school at the University of Illinois.  Her passion for wound care started in Acute Hospital care in the days of whirlpools and gauze. The variety of wounds and lack of advanced science in the 1980’s spurred her to attend advanced wound courses and eventually demonstrate competency by becoming a Certified Wound Specialist in 2001. The challenges of caring for clients at SNF and LTAC settings broadened her expertise into NWPT, sharp debridement, fistula management, and Pressure Ulcer prevention and provided opportunities for case studies. During this time the unique problems of edema related ulcers became a special interest. The opportunity to become certified in Lymphedema Therapy was the next piece of the puzzle. Trained in the Casley-Smith Method of Decongestive Therapy in 2004, Janet became a member of the vibrant Lymphedema community in Atlanta, GA. As a member of the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network, she participated as a board member, fundraiser, educator and lecturer. Outpatient wound care provided another experience to her CWS skills and fed patients into her Lymphedema practice. By providing CEU lectures to the professional community and other stakeholders such as Wound Care for the Lymphedema Therapist and Lymphedema Considerations for the Acute Care Therapist, Janet started on a path as an educator. Contributions to the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network Newsletter and their self-published The Puzzle: An inside Glympse of Lymphedema led her further down the education path. As a faculty instructor for ILWTI, Janet is excited to take the next step combining her dual expertise to educate a broader healthcare community.

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