Certified Lymphedema & Wound Therapist

(62.5 CE hrs On-line + 6 or 9 Days Live Training (8am–8pm *daily times vary; up to 153 CE hrs Total!)

The Certified Lymphedema & Wound Therapist (CLWT) training course prepares you with the comprehensive knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to treat your patients with lymphedema, lipedema, venous edema, chronic wounds and other related disorders. It includes comprehensive training in Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), custom, multi-layered compression bandaging, garment selection and fitting, and advanced wound care. The course is practicum based and clinically focused, utilizing an integrative, rehab approach to the multi-factorial management of patients. Delivered in our hybrid format, this course combines over 60 hours of on-line pre-coursework, completed at your own pace, with 9 days of hands-on practicum training and workshops. All course books, clinical tools, supplies, samples, and some meals are included in your tuition. This course is also offered in a modular, 9-day format, where you can take a few days at a time, or a condensed, 6-day format. See below for additional information. 


Our MLD training was developed by Certified Lymphedema Therapists (CLTs) with broad backgrounds in traditional approaches, such as Vodder, Foldi, Leduc, and Casley-Smith. ILWTI has blended these with new understandings from ICG fluoroscopy of the lymphatics, and integrated new “Standard Touch” technology into the program. Approaching CDT from a physical rehabilitation perspective, ILWTI teaches an effective mapping and MLD delivery system that is simple and adaptable to any type of patient.  In this course, you will master MLD techniques used to effectively treat lymphedema of the trunk, upper and lower extremities, head & neck, and genitals. 

In the CLWT course, we provide robust compression training where you learn how to perform a bedside ABI and master customized, full-limb, multi-layered bandaging systems for lymphedema. Our bandaging systems will not slip down, aggressively soften fibrotic tissue, and can stay in place for several days at a time. We have expanded decongestive compression options by including hands-on training on how to use trimmable garments that reduce with the limb, and teach you how to measure for custom decongestive garments that effectively reduce even the most advanced, Stage 3 lymphedema with massive lobules. In addition, you will learn differential diagnosis and treatment of other forms of edema, such as venous edema, lipedema, post-thrombotic syndrome, CHF, and dependent edema. Everything you need is provided for hands-on training, as well as ample bandaging supplies for you to take back home. Our training includes policy and procedures for your clinic and clinical tools, such as Differential Diagnosis of Lower Extremity Edemas and the Compression Selection Guide, to help you accurately choose the best compression for your patient the very first time, every time.

The wound care sections of the CLWT course are comprehensive and train you in the assessment and treatment of venous leg ulcers (VLUs), arterial ulcers, pressure injuries, neuropathic foot ulcers, atypical ulcers, burns, moisture associated skin damage, and other integumentary issues. Extensive workshops enable you to get hands-on practice with wound cleansing, dressings, sharp debridement, maggot debridement therapy, negative pressure wound therapy, and more. Special focus is given to the treatment of VLUs and phlebolymphedema, with ample hands-on training in the application of Unna Boots and 2-layer compression systems. All supplies are provided and you will also leave with a goodie bag of wound dressing samples.

No other certification course on the market offers such breadth of hands-on workshops, coupled with robust didactic learning, making this certification one of the most informative and fun to attend!

9 Day Course Schedule / Outline

Educational Level

Advanced Education. Course provides specialization in advanced wound care, edema and lymphedema management.

Who Should Attend

The CLWT course was developed for medical professionals with a PT, PTA, OT, COTA, MD, DO, DPM, PA, NP, or RN license. Licensed healthcare professionals who treat patients with edema, lymphedema, and/or wounds will benefit the most from this activity. This course is useful and pertinent for geriatric healthcare, home health care, short-term and long-term care, treatment in wound or lymphedema centers, rehab departments or hospitals, and other applicable practice settings.


PT, PTA, OT, COTA, MD, DO, DPM, PA, NP, or RN license.

On-line pre-course work must be completed prior to the live training: 62.5 On-line CE hrs, completed at your own pace; 12-week lead-time recommended.

Educational Format

On-line training includes digital course books, clinical tools, reading, video, PPTs. Live training includes hard copies of clinical tools, course binder/”toolbox”, supplies, samples, and ample hands-on workshops.

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