Conservative Sharp Debridement Workshop

(2 CE hrs, 6-8pm)

Conservative sharp debridement is an essential skill in wound care. This evening workshop provides practical training in conservative sharp, enzymatic, chemical and mechanical debridement. Learn to score eschar and excise necrotic tissue from mock wounds, perform chemical debridement of epibole or hypergranulation, use easy enzymatic & new mechanical debridement options, and practice shaving callus from foot models. All supplies are provided for this interactive and hands-on workshop.

Course Schedule / Outline

Educational Level

Advanced Education. Specialized training for licensed health care professionals.

Who Should Attend

Best suited for licensed healthcare providers who are working with patients with wounds and conservative sharp debridement is within their scope of practice.


PT, PTA, OT, COTA, MD, DO, DPM, PA, NP, or RN license