Bryan Groleau

Bryan Groleau, COTA/L, CLT-LANA, CLWT has been a Certified Lymphedema Therapist since 2003, trained in the Casely-Smith method of Decongestive therapy through the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA) and is also a Certified Lymphedema and Wound Therapist through ILWTI. Throughout his career, Bryan has treated extensively in both outpatient and home care settings, working in three lymphedema clinics, two of which he served as Clinical Director.  He has also worked at an infectious disease wound care clinic and with two home health companies.  Bryan currently holds his position as Director of Lymphedema Services for a large home health company in northeast Florida. In addition to his role as a therapist, Bryan served as an instructor in Keiser University’s OTA program at their Jacksonville, FL campus. Bryan has also worked closely with compression product companies to determine the best products necessary for patients to manage swelling and has been involved in piloting Circaid’s “reduction kit,” designed as an alternative compression system for upper and lower extremity Lymphedema during phase one of CDT.  Bryan assisted Mediven in the “reduction kit” product launch and presented his case studies at the 2014 National Lymphedema Network Conference. Throughout his career, Bryan has built relationships with numerous physicians and has worked diligently to educate the northeast Florida medical communities on lymphedema and the services available to patients with this condition.  Bryan’s expertise includes treatment of breast cancer related upper extremity lymphedema and axillary web syndrome; morbid obesity-related lymphedema and lipidema; head, neck, and facial lymphedema; wound care; stage III elephantiasis; geriatric mixed edemas; and lymphedema in the home health setting. Recently, Bryan’s primary focus has been to develop expansive home health services for lymphedema and wound care patients.  As an instructor for ILWTI, Bryan’s vast experience with treating lymphedema in various settings, scenarios, and with related atypical diagnoses will empower clinicians to feel confident when treating lymphedema no matter their previous skill level.  His expertise combined with his passion for treating lymphedema and educating other clinicians makes him a valuable asset to the International Lymphedema and Wound Care Training Institute.

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