Modern Manual Lymphatic Drainage Certification - The Future is Here! (30 CE hrs)

Course Description:

(3 days, 30 CE hrs, 8am-7pm)

NEW! Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy is rapidly evolving. Time to practice Modern MLD!

Techniques have now emerged that are revolutionizing the way we practice. Modern paradigms are in some cases opposite of what we learned in the past, and we are building new approaches based on live lymphatic imaging. We have integrated Modern MLD into a rehabilitation model and are eager to share it with you. Don't be left behind in clinical practice!

Everything is changing...Starling's Law is no longer law, Endothelial Glycocalyx Layer is the gate-keeper of the microcirculation, no reabsorption of fluid in venules means all edema is on a lymphedema continuum, fluid in extremities can be drained to distal or adjacent, patent lymphotomes, pumping nodes on the involved extremity can improve outcomes, deep breathing doesn't actually pump the Thoracic Duct, we can manually assess backflow see on NIRF imaging, without the imaging ....

Take the confusion out of understanding the new evidence and learn how to integrate this into your practice. Advance your practice and engage in stimulating discussions with your CLT colleagues! Register now! Limited Spots Available!

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